Kitty Is Funding A “REAL Album” Through Kickstarter

The singer/rapper/producer is ready to make a full-length on her own terms.

August 10, 2015

Kitty started a Kickstarter to raise money for her debut album. "I want to finally create a REAL album," she wrote on the site. "I want it to sound perfect. I want to record it in a studio. I want to listen to it on vinyl, and send CDs of it to my grandma to play in her zumba class... I want to share it with everyone I possibly can, without a label or a company or a man at a desk telling me my ideas 'don't fit' and giving me a sweetened-up lecture on why they can't take a chance on me unless I quit making the art I believe in and start being a little more 'marketable.'"

You can help her reach her $25,000 goal by contributing here. Check out her interview with FADER below.

Kitty Is Funding A “REAL Album” Through Kickstarter