Lil B Talked To CNN About Politics

“I wish people grew up in the hood and grew up with adversity and seen shit.”

August 10, 2015

Lil B has slowly entered the mainstream as the internet's universal voice of reason. Following the release of his completely freestyled mixtape with Chance, The Rapper, The Based God took some time to speak with CNN about politics. Lil B, who is no stranger to political matters, went into detail about his support for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton saying, "once the people started telling me about Bernie Sanders and comparing what he was doing back in his younger days and what [Hillary] was doing, it made me kind of look at her different -- not really respect her as much as I thought."

Lil B even addressed Sanders' recent run-in with #blacklivesmatter protestors saying "There's sometimes when these people, they feel the need to speak and they feel like there's an urgency, I think Bernie let them speak and it's the admirable thing to do, He didn't have security escort them off stage. That's another plus side for Bernie."


You can read the full interview on CNN.

Lil B Talked To CNN About Politics