Skaters Debut Fun And Fresh New Single, “Save Her Something Special”

The New York indie rock band finds freedom and switches gears with their new single.

August 10, 2015

For their new single, "Save Her Something Special," New York indie rock band SKATERS "smashed Fat Boy Slim, Faust and Pavement" together to create something fun and fresh. "Getting released from your label can be super liberating," drummer Noah Rubin told The FADER, commenting on the band's new direction. "You stop thinking about how things are perceived and work off intuition."

There's nothing more exhilarating than when life gives you lemons and you decide to make a dope glass of lemonade out of them. Clad in SUPRA kicks, SKATERS have been enjoying the freedom, explains Rubin, and are "messing around in the studio for a bit now, trying out different things." The band switched gears post their 2014 debut album, Manhattan, and "ended up with over sixty songs, some :30 long, some well over six minutes. Some that brought us back to our Gorilla Biscuits and Ten Yard Fight days, and some tunes as much the opposite as you could imagine." Listen to their new single below and stay tuned for a new album soon.


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Skaters Debut Fun And Fresh New Single, “Save Her Something Special”