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Salva And Eprom’s “All Day” Remix Is Brutal

*Insert screwface here*

August 12, 2015

"All Day" is already a pretty aggressive record, but Salva and Eprom apparently don't think it's aggressive enough. With Kanye's blessing, the two bass music producers have taken the original and run it into the digital equivalent of a meat grinder. Distorted doesn't really begin to cover it. This is "All Day" reimagined through the Yeezus filter, an exercise in producing music with reckless abandon and no concern for pleasantries. "That is just straight abuse," Zane Lowe yelled while he premiered it on his Beats 1 radio show. "That is just straight creative abuse." Listen below, and also check out some GOOD Music merch that Salva "remixed" to go along with the new release.

Salva And Eprom’s “All Day” Remix Is Brutal