Diät Debuts A Bleak Video About Bad Cops For “Hurricane”

The ominous track is off the Berlin-based band’s debut LP, out next month.

August 13, 2015

Diät is a self-described "tough new wave" band from Berlin, though most of its members are Australian. Their debut full-length, Positive Energy, drops next month via Iron Lung/Adagio830, and today we're unveiling a color-drained, out-of-focus video for LP cut "Hurricane." Listening to the song, the name almost feels literal: crescendoing drum fills give way to storm-like riffs, monolithic yelps, and a general uneasy feeling, like there's a dark cloud hovering over you that might burst open at any second.


According to an email from band member Chris Onton, the song is actually about Chris Dorner, the LAPD officer who "got kicked off the force for breaking the blue code of silence and reporting police brutality and took vengeance on the lawmen who stitched him up." The clip, directed by Dave West of Perth indie-pop band Rat Columns, certainly plays on the revenge-against-cops theme, but also throws some pink flowers, red wine, and a tub of Vaseline into the mix. "I'm not even sure why we chose this as a subject." Onton explained. "I guess I felt like I needed a song about the cops to be able to call myself a punk." Positive Energy is out September 18th, and the band plays Berserktown in SoCal this coming weekend.

Diät Debuts A Bleak Video About Bad Cops For “Hurricane”