Fetty Wap Is Working On Something New With Drake

The rising star talked Drake and Taylor Swift in his latest interview.

August 13, 2015

According to a new interview with Real 92.3, Fetty Wap has just four artists’ numbers in his phone. Those digits belong to Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, K Camp, and Drake. Fetty may have been using Drake’s number recently, since the two artists apparently have another collaboration on the way. “We got something big planned coming up,” the young rapper noted. He wouldn’t say anything more than that. Drake remixed Fetty’s “My Way” earlier this year, which helped the track eventually turn into a top ten crossover hit.


Fetty also discussed his recent onstage appearance with Taylor Swift. “She’s a real cool person,” he noted. “The whole time, she wasn’t even talking about music—we were just talking about regular life. She was just giving me information on day to day things. Just little things people ain’t really talked to me about. She gave me real key pointers. I felt like I was talking to a business person but I was interested.”

Revisit Drake x Fetty pt. 1 below.

Fetty Wap Is Working On Something New With Drake