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London Singer Izzy Bizu’s “Give Me Love” Video Is Pure Joy

Balloons, skateboards and backyard dance battles.

August 17, 2015

South west Londoner Izzy Bizu's "Give Me Love" is a perfectly bittersweet song about homesickness—she sings about missing her mom and realizes these years go so fast—and the accompanying video is a perfectly uplifting snapshot of what it feels like to come home, complete with a summer BBQ and backyard dance-off. The 20-year-old, who once supported Sam Smith on tour, has a show-stopping soul vocal, and her latest is her most undeniable pop earworm yet. Izzy told The FADER over email that "Give Me Love" is “about always being on the road trying to escape loneliness, finding a new home, a new lover whilst missing a mother." She added, "A life flashes before the eyes of a troubled child searching for paradise of unconditional love. The bluebird sings and there is hope, the pendulum swings, will she find a home?" Watch the video above, and if you're in London catch her first ever headline set at London Fields Brewhouse on September 24.

London Singer Izzy Bizu’s “Give Me Love” Video Is Pure Joy