Watch The Powerful Video For BAILE’s Break-Up Song “Matter”

These two dancers somehow capture exactly how you felt about your last ex.

August 18, 2015

BAILE (aka Brooklyn-based producer Reed Kackley) and Felicia Douglass (aka the vocalist of New York noise pop band Ava Luna) have got together to make the perfect song about breaking apart. "Matter" is all about opposites playing off against one another, with Douglass' vocal gliding cool and clear over Kackley's cavernous, distorted backdrop. And so the video, premiering on The FADER above, revolves around two hypnotic dancers facing off; one is dressed in dark clothes, one in light, and each contorts themselves to match the awkward, unpredictable grace of the track.


According to BAILE, the opposites are play are the conflicting sides of your mind when you're going through a break-up. "'Matter' started with the phrase your love’s no matter to me, your lover’s no matter to me," he told us over email. "It had a dark, assertive tone. Once Felicia joined the project, the song took on a different nature, as that of a strained duet between parting lovers. The contrasting instrumentation is meant to underline the dueling emotions being expressed in the vocals. The video mirrors this figurative dance with the literal one—the range of emotions (like anger, aggression, pity, joy, euphoria) battling against each other during the end of a relationship." So that's why it's so intense to watch. The Matter EP is out now.

Watch The Powerful Video For BAILE’s Break-Up Song “Matter”