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Stream “Nawfside Shawty,” MADEINTYO’s Ode To Gwinnett Girls

His You Are Forgiven EP just dropped.

August 18, 2015

MADEINTYO just dropped his You Are Forgiven EP, a bite-sized packaging of the bright concept bangers I've been stuck on since June 1st. "Nawfside Shawty" is a gem: over K Swisha's bubbletrap, TYO serenades a young woman from Gwinnett, the affluent Atlanta suburb I can only imagine ATL's rich-girl-gone-bad New New might've been from (Gucci had a well-endowed female friend there, too). He's refreshingly anti-technology for a kid that spent years in Japan—Too clean on a bean, retros on my toes/ I don't like my phone baby, I'm too fuckin' grown—but TYO's pipsqueak voice and carefree disposition on sleeper-hits like "I Want" and "Uber Everywhere" remind me of entire summers spent behind a lime green Gameboy Color. Stream below, and ride through all of You Are Forgiven here.

Stream “Nawfside Shawty,” MADEINTYO’s Ode To Gwinnett Girls