Twin-Brother Punk Duo The Garden Premieres “All Smiles Over Here :)” Video

Lo mein, swimming pools, and no smiling whatsoever.

August 18, 2015

Wyatt and Fletcher Shears don't actually smile in the video for "All Smiles Over Here," the first leak from their forthcoming sophomore full-length. The long-limbed twins, who record shape-shifting sorta-punk as The Garden, don't smile while they're cruising in the back of a truck along a palm tree-lined suburban road. They don't smile while biting down into a hand-shaped, sauce-oozing egg roll at a festively decorated Chinese restaurant. And they definitely don't smile while jogging on a treadmill and confidently yelping lines like This is my life/ this is how I choose to live it into the receiver of a corded telephone. Truthfully, the track's loner lyricism and its driving, militaristic beat make the background chants of All smiles! All smiles over here! seem more sarcastic than earnest. Haha is out October 9th via Epitaph and Burger Records.

Haha track listing:

1. All Smiles Over Here :)
2. Jester's Game
3. Red Green Yellow
4. Everything Has a Face
5. Crystal Clear
6. I'll Stop By Tomorrow Night
7. Haha
8. Vexation
9. I Guess We'll Never Know
10. This Could Build Us a Home
11. Cells Stay Clean
12. Cloak
13. Egg
14. Devour
15. Together We are Great
16. We Be Grindin'
17. Gift

Twin-Brother Punk Duo The Garden Premieres “All Smiles Over Here :)” Video