What Is Going On With Jay Rock’s Album?

TDE CEO Anthony Tiffith says he has “reasonable goals.”

August 19, 2015

#90059 release date in the palm of y'all hand... #TDE

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Jay Rock's long-awaited album, 90059 should have hit stores yesterday--at least, according to iTunes it should have. Instead, Rock satisfied fans with the video for the album's title track. After the album's listed release date came and went, TDE CEO Anthony Tiffith took to his Instagram, telling fans that "As you/we hit each goal with the purchase of the preorder, the release date will automatically move itself up." Adding, "keep in mind that we can hit it in one day if we really wanted to."


Fans on Twitter, of course, met the challenge with confusion, questioning the motive of essentially holding out the release of an album until guaranteed sales goals were met. For now, though, we can at least take solace in the fact that a new Jay Rock album is basically inevitable and we can help bring it out sooner by pre-ordering it here.

You can read Tiffith's full post above, and some fan reactions below.

What Is Going On With Jay Rock’s Album?