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Yasiin Bey Shares “Basquiat Ghostwriter” Video

“So real. Surreal.”

August 19, 2015

Yasiin Bey put out a clip this morning for his recently-released track "Basquiat Ghostwriter." The visual, which includes footage of Basquiat himself, was accompanied by a note on the site A Country Called Earth:


Good tidings in this season of the lion. Black August action.

Peace. Happy Wednesday morning. In commemoration of the birth week of one Marcus Garvey, herein is an arrangement of visuals for the sonic composition "Basquiat Ghostwriter," directed and produced by A Country Called Earth. Special thanks to I. Attallihi, J. Cuba and S. bin Sharifu.

FREE THE LAND. We are already in outer space. The local time is always now. Free Shmurda. If you are reading this, you are already reading. Weappreciateyuh.

Negus. Eternal pedigree. Noble Empire. So real. Surreal.

L T P F J. peace.


According to one of the video's co-directors, the song and the clip came together quickly. Samira bin Sharifu told FADER, "[Bey] only wrote it a week ago in Paris just before anniversary of Basquiat's passing. Recorded audio two days later and then we made the video in two days." Watch their handiwork above.

Yasiin Bey Shares “Basquiat Ghostwriter” Video