The Original Version Of Kygo’s “Stole The Show” Slays Too

For the first time, hear Parson James’ non-remixed original. It’s just as huge.

August 20, 2015

No one has set the tone for the past year or so in major electronic music so much as Kygo, the 23-year-old tropical house DJ and producer behind blockbuster remixes of Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, and Marvin Gaye, as well as certified hit singles "Firestone" and, recently, "Stole the Show." That latter track is a hit largely thanks to Parson James, the song's mysterious vocalist and co-writer. Kygo's the guy that slays you with a digi-flute; James is the who entices you into the crosshairs.


If I was a singer, I'd be scared if my breakthrough was on someone else's song, but, hell it worked for Sam Smith, and Parson James isn't worried. "I think it has been such a great introduction for me as a vocalist," he told The FADER. "This is hands down one of my favorite records that I've ever written, and at the time that this remix idea was presented to me it all just fell into place. I absolutely loved what Kygo was doing, and when I heard his version of the song I knew it would be an incredible way to present it in a different light. The original is so special to me, and it was very important that I got to release it, but I think that the sentiment of the actual song itself resonates in both versions, and I'm ecstatic that it has reached so many people. It's unbelievable.”

And Kygo's totally supportive. He chimed in over email, adding: “Parson James is an extraordinarily talented singer and songwriter who I am honored to call my friend. Collaborating with him on ‘Stole the Show’ was so much fun, and I love when he comes out live to do it during my sets sometimes. His version of the track is simply beautiful and I’m glad everyone gets to hear it.”

Check out Parson James' original above and Kygo's remix below, followed by James' other new solo cut, "Sinner LIke You."

The Original Version Of Kygo’s “Stole The Show” Slays Too