Dance The Pain Away With Nimmo’s “Dilute This”

The first taste of the London five-piece’s debut album is as fun as it is heartbreaking.

August 20, 2015

Don't love me vacantly, singers Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett plead on "Dilute This," right before the zig-zagging synths crack open into a clattering rhythm and a heart-wrenching pre-chorus: what have we become? Just bored love like everyone? Together, Nimmo and Gauntlett front Nimmo (the band takes Sarah's surname), a London-based five-piece who write New Order-inspired hectic pop songs about subjects that hit way too close to the bone. "Dilute This," as they explained in an email to The FADER, is "about the fear of love becoming mundane and no longer unique."

Nimmo and Gauntlett, who have been friends since childhood, continued: "We wrote the song when we were away writing in Bristol alone. We didn't discuss the subject before writing it, but we always tend to be going through the same sort of thing mentally at the same time, and often find ourselves writing about the same thing even if we are not together, so it was easy when we went away to naturally write very openly.


"The instrumental came about when we were back in London with the band. It was great to finally match the frustration in the lyrics with something tough and exciting musically. Playing it live feels like grabbing the subject matter by the shoulders and shaking it."

Read more about the tight friendship and the pub gigs that got Nimmo to a major label deal here, and get down to "Dilute This" below. Look out for their debut album on Columbia in 2016.

Dance The Pain Away With Nimmo’s “Dilute This”