Quentin Miller Returns With A New WDNG Crshrs Tape

“This shit really for ‘YOU YOU YOU.’”

August 20, 2015

Quentin Miller got a lot of attention last month for his connection to the Drake vs. Meek Mill squabble. But he’s ready to put all that behind him: he recently got back into the studio with TheCoolisMac, his partner in WDNG Crshrs, and they put together a mixtape. The 10 track project, CrshrsGotWings, is produced entirely by Cardo.

CrshrsGotWings comes with an enthusiastic note on SoundCloud:


Do you have Skymiles? That'll be your only way to feel how we felt doing this tape. WDNG and Cardo don't need flight points. WDNG and Cardo..got wings bra. I'm talmbout 10 records of pure EFFORTLESS pleasure. It took us 2 weeks to do
This. You can take your seatbelts off and walk the cabin for this one my g. Shout out to them #1317HotGirls with the angel wings. We see you baby. This shit really for "YOU YOU YOU"...now get outta here. #CRSHRSGOTWINGS

Listen below.

Quentin Miller Returns With A New WDNG Crshrs Tape