I Played MADEINTYO In The Uber And My Driver Didn’t Charge Me

Watch “Uber Everywhere” now.

August 21, 2015

Feeling particularly giddy after catching a show this week, I took an Uber home from the city and requested speaker access to bump cuts off Atlanta rapper MADEINTYO's just released EP, You Are Forgiven. I hadn't even made it to "Uber Everywhere" yet when, about halfway through the ride over the Manhattan bridge, my driver turned up the speakers on his own and asked if it was me rapping. "It's nice man—he's nice," he said, chuckling. "Who does the beats? It's just smooth. I think it's money, man." By the time I got home, I saw he hadn't charged me for the trip. I gave him five stars and left one comment: "K Swisha!"


The "Uber Everywhere" video looks like what MADEINTYO and producer K Swisha sound like: young, bright, and just a shade indecipherable. For the visuals, Awful Records collaborators Mike Ellwood and Bootymath render a suburban summer speeding around on Fisher Price cars and slinging racquets at tennis clubs, while the pint-sized rapper plots on Rari's he wants to drive and Canadian girls he wants to date. It's a fun ride that won't cost you a thing.

I Played MADEINTYO In The Uber And My Driver Didn’t Charge Me