N.Y.C.’s Scooter Island Premiere “Snap Out Of It”

The multi-artist project wants us to turn our frowns upside down.

August 24, 2015

Scooter Island is a multi-artist project involving over twenty vocalists, producers, and visual artists, led by New York native Matt FX Feldman (whose other gig is as music supervisor for Broad City and Difficult People). "Snap Out Of It," the carefree new single from the New York collective's self-titled EP (out September 4), features rising NYC rappers S'natra and Synead, and production by Vancouver's HXDB.

"'Snap Out Of It' was the first official Scooter Island song, back from the very beginning of the project," Matt FX told The FADER. "Funnily enough it was Randy [S'natra] who was at my house the day that I realized I had a project on my hands in the first place! Synead, Randy and I all go way back." It's cool when old friends make music together, but this track goes even further back than that: "One of the percussion parts in the track is a looped recording of these ladies who live down the hall from the apartment I grew up in," says Matt FX. "They're pretty legendary shekere players." What is it that we need to snap out of? Find out for yourself by streaming "Snap Out Of It" below.

N.Y.C.’s Scooter Island Premiere “Snap Out Of It”