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Stone Island Entwines Luxury And Technology For Fall

Hyper-functional fashion.

August 24, 2015

Heritage technical label-turned-coveted fashion phenomenon Stone Island is back with a fresh fall and winter drop, one that favors decorative baby blues over functional camo prints. Stone Island hasn't turned its back on its high-tech roots entirely—bomber jackets are coated in glass microspheres to increase reflectivity, for one—but they're repackaging their innovations in much prettier wrapping. As their website says, "Luxury is re-imagined as comfort, spontaneity, and flow. Technology is redefined in terms of quality and nonchalance." Standouts include a printed orange puffer vest, splashes of baby blues and periwinkle, and an innovative slip-on boot that has the comfort of a pair of sneakers. Cop it here.

Stone Island Entwines Luxury And Technology For Fall