Tasha The Amazon Sets The Stakes With “My Level”

“Success is about building something real,” says the Toronto MC, “I ain’t about that other shit.”

August 24, 2015

Still buzzing off the recent release of "Nowhere," the first cut off her upcoming mixtape (title TBD), Toronto MC Tasha the Amazon is back with another new tough talking track, "My Level." Over a fearsome Bass & Bakery (a collaboration between Tasha and Danthrax) production, Tasha flexes her mischievousness—should have never given us money, we jumping with Jordans all up on your sofa—and hurls provocations: when we infiltrate from the inside, don't be surprised.

"It's dope when artists talk about their successes, and I guess 'My Level' is my way of doing that," she says. "But I'm not interested in cliches. I'm not interested in the trappings of fame or money. Success is about building something real. I ain’t about that other shit."


Get on Tasha's level below.

Tasha The Amazon Sets The Stakes With “My Level”