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6 Things To Pack For The Perfect Road Trip

Photographer Brittney Panda on the essentials she packs for on-the-road adventures.

August 26, 2015

Brittney Panda, photographer and globetrotting creative, is always on the run. If anyone can tell us what to pack in order to stay travel-ready and get the best out of each journey, it's her. You never know when you'll need to capture a moment (or dive into a swimming hole), so it's best to be prepared for anything. Here are the six essential items Brittney takes with her on every adventure.

1. Nikkormat camera

"The most important thing I bring on every road trip is a camera. The main reason I enjoy taking trips is for the all the beautiful places I have yet to shoot."

2. Petzval lens

"I also like to bring a variety of lenses, and in this case I chose to pack my Petzval lens for its uniqueness. I’m always looking for new ways to set my pictures apart from others, and this lens has special qualities that aren’t found everywhere else."

3. Supras

"I’m bringing my favorite pair of Supra Noiz, because they are the perfect adventure shoes. I can hike, run, skate, and even go in water while still being comfortable."

4. Arbor longboard

"Sometimes it’s more fun to get out of the car to explore around, but I also still want to make good time. Having a longboard is the perfect solution for that."

5. Bathing suit

"My Nasty Gal bikini is a necessity in case I come across any natural swimming holes or waterfalls. I can never resist swimming the instant I see water."

6. Sun hat

"Last but certainly not least, is my hat from Urban Outfitters. I can wear it all day to block the sun from my face, and it also comes in handy as I wrap up my adventure so I can still look on point despite having been swimming and hiking all day."

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6 Things To Pack For The Perfect Road Trip