Geneviève Bellemare Embraces Her Strong Side In “Shenanigans” Video

All it takes is a swingy beat and a pink wig.

August 26, 2015

Bright new voice Geneviève Bellemare will release her Melancholy Fever LP next month via Universal imprint Verve Records. The latest single to be shared off the album is a swingy and soulful clap-back called "Shenanigans," which she described in an email to The FADER as, "a special song to me because I have never made anything like it."


She plays up this angle in the brand new video, in which she dons a bright pink bob wig (a la Natalie Portman in Closer or Scarlett in Lost in Translation) and puts her foot down. "I feel 'Shenanigans' can apply to so many people with in so many different scenarios," she wrote. "Everyone has that moment in their life whether it is with a person, a thing, or whatever it is. Where they realize, wait fuck you I'm not done, I haven't said what I wanted to say/or do to you. I think it's a way of me showing myself/my listeners the dominating/strong side I have in my personality."

Watch "Shenanigans" above, and pre-order Melancholy Fever on iTunes or Google Play ahead of it's September 18 release.

Geneviève Bellemare Embraces Her Strong Side In “Shenanigans” Video