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TÃLÃ And Sylas Make Skewed, Swirling Pop Together On “Praise”

The London producer-singer recruits another rising London duo for her new single.

August 26, 2015

Pop alchemist TÃLÃ makes a whole lot of sense paired up with gloomy Brian Eno-approved duo Sylas. Both have a way with a pop hook that sinks right into your bones, but both self-produce in a way that places them way, way down the weirder end of the spectrum. According to a statement from TÃLÃ on the press release accompanying "Praise," it was a love of Boyz II Men that brought her together with the pair, and that R&B influence is apparent from the reverent call-and-response of "Praise," as the pair promise each other baby, you're not alone, and plead, can't you see that you're breaking my heart? But the real intrigue of the track comes from the way it rattles and pops around the pair's star-crossed duet: never settling for a moment, this is restless, frantic pop from two of London's rising voices. It's also the first to come from a new project from TÃLÃ, which will span the globe with a series of diverse collaborations. For now, bump "Praise" via the player above, and see the single artwork below.

TÃLÃ And Sylas Make Skewed, Swirling Pop Together On “Praise”