Australian R&B Group The Harpoons Are “Ready For Your Love”

A warm, homegrown track about love, backdropped by visions of Australian landscapes.

August 27, 2015

The Harpoons are a four-piece group from Melbourne, Australia whose catalog of sweet tracks dances along the borders between sultry R&B, pop, and fuzzy electronic. Off stage, The Harpoons are brothers Henry and Jack Mardin, Bec Rigby, and Martin King.

The Harpoons are rolling out their latest track on The FADER today. It's called "Ready For Your Love" and it features Bec Rigby's frank vocals singing about waiting, finding, and bracing yourself for love. An array of electronic flourishes—including a MIDI-sourced marimba line—and percussion tie this yearning, joyful cut together.


"This song was inspired by the Aus bush—we were staying in at the bush property of the Aunt of Jack and Henry," The Harpoons told The FADER. "The beat was created by Marty playing on a bunch of different drums that were lying around the property, the marimba part was created by Jack on a MIDI keyboard, and Bec came up with the song's main lyric drawing on her own readiness to love, which is ever-present. Once he was better, Henry helped craft the simple jam into a full song, particularly with his astonishing bass. We also felt the need to push the song into the gospel, choir territory of our favourite love songs - so we asked our friends Matt & Mohini (of the amazing HABITS) and Phoebe Stretton-Smith to sing on the chorus and bridge." Listen to the wilderness-inspired, friends-and-family-sourced love song below.

Australian R&B Group The Harpoons Are “Ready For Your Love”