Meet Maty Noyes, The “Angel” Who Closes Out The Weeknd’s New Album

The L.A.-based mystery girl released a new single today.

August 28, 2015

Maty Noyes is a L.A.-based singer whose airy vocals appear on "Angel," the closing track from The Weeknd's Beauty Behind The Madness. Since the album—which was released today—got leaked last week, people have been trying to figure out who she is.

According to an email she sent to The FADER, she's actually signed to Lava/Republic and met The Weeknd through their mutual producer, Stephan Moccio. Although most of her previous releases have been scrubbed offline in the past year, Noyes released her latest single today, "Can't Tell Me Who To Love," a snappy electro-pop song.



The FADER spoke to Noyes over email about her time in the studio with The Weeknd, here's what she had to share:

How did you get involved with the recording of "Angel?"

“Angel” came about a funny way. Abel and I had both been working at Interscope studios with the producer Stephan Moccio. Stephan had told me a lot about Abel but I had yet to really spend time with him. One day he had an idea, that I should sing on “Angel” and then he would play it for Abel to see what he thought about it. It was a risky thing to do considering Abel barely knew me and his album is such a highly anticipated release. Surprisingly, I was playing a show when I got the call that Abel loved my voice on the track. It took him by complete surprise, as it did me.


Any specific moments from recording stand out to you?

When Abel and I were in the studio, we just hung out. I like to get to know people and see how they relate to their own music. Being in the studio is a cool process to watch, because I feel like the best way to understand an artist is through their music. We plan to actually write a song together in the very near future.

Were you a big Weeknd fan before this? Any special memories of his music?

The first time I heard The Weeknd I became an immediate fan. I love how his songs are produced. He makes genuinely great music with pop appeal. It’s a goal most artists try to master, but find hard to do.

What has the reaction to the song been like so far and what has it been like for you?

I've only had positive reactions. Lots of people have been saying that I sound like a real “Angel,” so that's nice. Sometimes people mistake me for Lana del Rey, which I take as a compliment, but I can’t wait for people to become more familiar with my voice and know who it really is singing on the track.

Are you taking any lessons from this moment and applying it to your process and your music?

I'm always learning and taking lessons. This is only a step of the journey and it's preparing me for even bigger and better things, which I am fully ready for.

Meet Maty Noyes, The “Angel” Who Closes Out The Weeknd’s New Album