Listen To Conner Youngblood’s Quiet And Beautiful “Stockholm”

The Generation of Lift is out this October.

August 31, 2015

This October, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Conner Youngblood will release his sophomore EP The Generation of Lift, for which he did all of the production and instrumentation himself. Conner is rumored to be practiced in some thirty instruments, but one instrument he won't claim expertise in is the harp. "A few of my sisters took lessons growing up," he told The FADER in an email, explaining that he had instead been preoccupied with his clarinet at the time. "When they quit, I just snuck the harp into my room and started fucking around. I never really got good at playing it, but I’ve always wanted write a song with harp as the lead instrument, regardless."

That song is "Stockholm," a delicate composition of masterfully layered vocals, the occasional clap or patter of a drum, and of course cascading harp chords. We're no experts in the angel's instrument, but we can say that no matter his proficiency this song is pretty damn beautiful. Listen below, and look for The Generation of Lift EP this October.

Listen To Conner Youngblood’s Quiet And Beautiful “Stockholm”