Catch Good Vibes From Visto, Domani, and Emmaline’s “Namaste” Video

T.I.’s son takes a page from Willow Smith’s book.

September 01, 2015

Give yourself permission to skip yoga class tonight and instead meditate on DMV-based Hippie Life Krew founder Visto's new video for "Namaste," a song that takes its cue from the Sanskrit salutation and features nymphlike vocals from Australian singer Emmaline, as well as a woke verse from T.I.'s teenage son Domani. In addition to big sky, long mountaintop views, and extreme amounts of vibes, there is a kiddie yoga class that will definitely spark up your heart chakra.


"Namaste to me means acceptance of each other, a peace of mind, respecting each other and lacking judgement," Visto explained in a message to The FADER. "The song was inspired by the times—in today's era we are quick to forget and we lack honest love. Maybe it is from something in the food we eat, but we just don't respect each other like we should. I wanted to bring back being proud of who you are."

This could be your new self-care anthem.

Catch Good Vibes From Visto, Domani, and Emmaline’s “Namaste” Video