Wish Turns End-Of-Era Blues Into Pop Gold On “Life’s A Dream”

Zeljko Mcmullen’s long-awaited debut album as Wish is out this October.

September 01, 2015

Wish is the recording name of Zeljko Mcmullen, a musician and artist who founded Brooklyn performance space Paris London New York West Nile in 2006, which later became the now-defunct DIY venue 285 Kent Ave. His music, like his life, orbits this particular seam of New York's underground: smiley-eyed electronic pop songs that sound homemade, yet reach for the stars. "Life's a Dream," from his long-awaited debut album Infinite Orchards which features guest turns from friends and fellow musicians Mas Ysa and Michael Beharie, is a perfect example: it has a bounce to it that recalls a simpler time, which makes it a worthy companion for end-of-summer blues.

"'Life's a Dream' was first sketched out in 2010, right at the end of my time at Paris London New York West Nile," Mcmullen told The FADER. "As I was meditating on closing the door on yet another major phase in my life, I began for the first time to sing actual words over my instrumental songs, and these mantras provided me with the solace I needed to keep moving. Instead of succumbing to the traditional feelings of angst and bitterness about being displaced by the New York real estate market, I began to funnel my energy into seeing everyone else as another version of my self, and saw the new horizons that were being opened up to me as a gift instead of a curse. In other words, this is a dance jam to help you lose your ego."


Perfect Wave will release Mcmullen's debut LP, Infinite Orchards, on October 13th.

Wish Turns End-Of-Era Blues Into Pop Gold On “Life’s A Dream”