dd elle Shares New Track, “Unrequited”

Sounds like Air France, Jai Paul, and a dude dealing in New Jersey.

September 02, 2015

Whether he's been known as Yalls, Steezy Ray Vibes, dd elle, or his given name Dan Casey, I'll tell you one thing—dude is being appreciated on TheFADER.com. That's because, whatever the mutation, whether there's straight-up guitar or pitched-up vocal cuteness, he's making relatable music that's feels just the right size.

Unlike so much in real life, "Unrequited" winks exactly when you want it to, does a little dance, then moonwalks away into the background. The song features on dd elle's long-coming debut EP, called u, out September 25th on Babe Rainbow's label Slow Release. Pre-order it now on iTunes. A full-length is on the way next year, but in the meantime cop this cute iMessage-style pin.

dd elle Shares New Track, “Unrequited”