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Kita Klane’s “Fingerprints” Gets A Whole New Vibe

Bermuda Star’s remix that blends indie, soul, and EDM.

September 02, 2015

With a black-and-white noir aesthetic to match her raspy vocals, Kita Klane is a woman after our own dark hearts. You may have been exposed to the singer-songwriter-producer before; her sleek song "Fingerprints" was appropriately selected as the theme song in a Samsung cell phone commercial. Here, Bermuda Star gives the track a special touch with a spellbinding remix. "I was so delighted with the results," Klane told FADER in an email. "I love how he gave it a whole new vibe." Kita Klane's next single, "Take It Easy," hits September 25th.

Kita Klane’s “Fingerprints” Gets A Whole New Vibe