ItsNate And JD. Reid Hit “Reset”

The rapper and Soulection-affiliated producer share a nostalgic cut from their collaborative EP.

September 07, 2015

Having collaborated with Chicago rapper TREE and been name-dropped by Danny Brown, U.K. MC ItsNate has been prolific for a while now—or as he puts it on his new track, I was underground 'cause I was over pop...I've been around town, round the block. "Reset," taken from his new collaborative ME+1 EP with Soulection-affiliated producer JD Reid for icy club label Astral Black, finds him in a reflective yet-future-facing mood.

"Whilst recording this song, I was in a stage of transition," says ItsNate over email. "So was the London/U.K. music landscape, which was quite exciting. Seeing how different sounds and stories were getting embraced, sounds that were familiar to me and had been familiar for a while...It was interesting to see. Especially with the resurgence of grime. 'Reset' is my commentary on the whole game coming full circle."


ME+1 is out this Friday, September 11, and if you're based in the capital you can see the pair launch it the same day; they'll be performing the whole thing at Power Lunches, Dalston, with free entry all night.

ItsNate And JD. Reid Hit “Reset”