Khushi Takes Control Of The Narrative In “Stories”

“The boundaries are undrawn.”

September 07, 2015

The origin of Khushi's "Stories" is charming: the artist tells FADER, "One morning I recorded myself tapping a friend’s elephant-shaped necklace, which had a little bell inside and made a nice noise." He built that element into the track along with thick, sturdy bass and shiny horns. The small rhythmic details from the necklace give the song a unique texture.

In an email, Khushi writes that his tune is inspired by "the feeling you might get when starting out on an adventure with someone you fancy, when the boundaries are undrawn, and you’re making up your story as you go along." The noise of the tapping rides beneath the track, and it sounds as if someone is typing out that new story in time to the beat—with an extra jingly typewriter. Listen below.

Khushi Takes Control Of The Narrative In “Stories”