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Abhi//Dijon’s Stay Up EP Is R&B Gold

Stream a new batch of tracks from the low-key songwriting duo.

September 08, 2015

A few minutes into Stay Up, you can hear Abhi//Dijon geeking out over the bridge to "Boy Is Not A Man" by '90s R&B icon Jon B. The Maryland duo know their way around a song, and they've got enough self-taught chops to realize their genre's all about arrangement. That awareness of space is what we've come to love about the heavy, winding tracks they've been recording together since last year: "Say Yeah"'s garage knock is tight enough, but the bridge is really where the song takes flight. It's an ambitious sound from a group with goals: "We want to make a sonic infrastructure that gets replicated later on," they told The FADER. "We want to write for other people, we want to produce for other people, we want to win Grammys—all of that shit." They just might be onto something.

Abhi//Dijon’s Stay Up EP Is R&B Gold