Everything You Need To Know: Alessia Cara

The alt-pop sweetheart on her YouTube habits, Amy Winehouse, and a true Canadian hero (spoiler alert: it’s not Drake).

September 08, 2015

19 year old Alessia Cara is not exactly a party girl, as her breakout single "Here" demonstrates in vivid detail—Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this, and anti-social pessimist, she sings, but usually I don't mess with this. More to her taste: binge watching beauty tutorials on YouTube, specifically ones about removing blackheads. But don't go too far down that rabbit hole, she warns in this latest installment of The FADER's Everything You Need To Know; things can get (literally) pretty nasty. While we had her, we also asked her about her affection for Amy Winehouse and her favorite Canadian. Her answer might surprise you!


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Everything You Need To Know: Alessia Cara