Brolin Announces His Debut Album, And Shares The Restless “Nightdriving”

The U.K.-based singer-songwriter and producer will release The Delta on October 30.

September 08, 2015

Brolin toes the line between tough-talking and tenderness. On previous singles like "Reykjavik" and "Swim Deep," the U.K.-based electronic pop artist mixed dancefloor-leaning, driving production with introspective musings about city life made for long nights spent with your thoughts. Fittingly, his latest is called "Nightdriving," and pairs a propulsive house beat with restless lyrics like I lie awake at night, I hear the cars passing by.

The single is the first to be shared from Brolin's debut album The Delta, and you can hear it exclusively below. "'Nightdriving' is about whirring thoughts on a hot night thick with tension, when consciousness is unending," the singer/producer told The FADER over email. "It's about mechanisms of escapism, optimism and the occasional desire to disappear to somewhere else. I began writing the tune vexed on coffee at 3 a.m. in my home studio before finishing it off with [Ninja Tune producer] Raffertie. It was the first track fully completed for The Delta.“


Written in Brolin's living room, The Delta is a beat-driven and dream-fuelled listen that's set for release on October 30 via London label Megastomo. See the tracklist below, and pre-order it here.

The Delta Tracklist:

1. Nightdriving
2. Swim Deep
3. Kingston
4. Need You
5. Reykjavik
6. NYC
7. Believing
8. Barcelona
9. Koln
10. Tenderness

Brolin Announces His Debut Album, And Shares The Restless “Nightdriving”