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New York Punk Trio Cold Sweats Premiere “Waste Of A Day”

“Call the nurses, call the doctor.”

September 08, 2015

Cold Sweats are brand new to the scene. They played their first show ever in June in Brooklyn (where else?), and their debut album Social Coma will be out in October via Columbus' Six 3 Collective. All very punk rock, just like their first single "Waste Of A Day." The track is complete with noise rock fuzz, eerie riffs, and an opening command to call the nurses, page the doctor. "I distinctly remember a discussion with Alex [Craver] about the vocals, saying that I could hear Fred Schneider [of the B-52s] style vocals, but if he went completely nuts. The lyrics creep me out a lot," says the band's bassist Brandon Musa. Alex's vocals really do sound like a totally twisted B-52s, but it's clear from "Waste Of A Day" (and the rest of Social Coma, for that matter) that Cold Sweats have their own, fully fleshed out sound. "Hopefully the music makes people dance and then shower with someone," Brandon suggests. Will do. Stream "Waste Of A Day" below.

New York Punk Trio Cold Sweats Premiere “Waste Of A Day”