FADER Mix: Gully Type

London lads spinning the hardest tunes out the UK.

September 08, 2015

Tune into Know Wave radio on the right night, and you'll catch a steady stream of UK upstarts blurring the lines between grime and trap to make an all new soundtrack to dark London streets. The Gully Type dudes are plugged enough to even sneak in an exclusive or two. We asked the crew to throw together the last FADER Mix of the summer, and they delivered forty minutes of heat that'll have you ready for the road. Catch them in Tokyo Sept 15th at Sound Museum Vision.


Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings.


In the Bird In Hand pub in Forest Hill, South London, with Nicky M sipping on a couple brandy and cokes. The football is on but it's pretty empty in here, it's a pretty scatty pub.

What did you open and close this mix with and why?

We opened with "Zone 2" by Narsty & Karnage because the zone system is quintessentially London plus these guys are local and doing good things, which we try to promote as much as possible. Last song is "Drake Shit" by Gunna Dee which I put in because I wanted to end on a chill up note, plus it's funny since Drake and his guys have been putting a lot of light on UK music recently.


Grime beef stole our hearts again this summer. What's the most disrespectful dig you've heard in a clash?

It wasn't really a clash but a couple of years ago Terminator made a 10 minute or so video as a reply to Young Marvs. He pretty much mocks him for the whole thing about who's more on job and levels etc, it was a big source of entertainment at the time and still gets referenced a lot, I think Stormzy has used it for bars.

What's the last book you read that has an impact on you?


I read Saturday Night & Sunday Morning recently. I like that industrial town imagery, plus the writers from that movement wrote really nicely.

What's your favorite dish to cook, and how do you make it?

Honey, soy sauce and paprika-marinated chicken on the BBQ.


Narsty & Karnage - Zone 2
MDargg - I Dare You (feat. Sho Shallow)
Nafe Smallz - Smoking
VB - All I Ever Wanted
C Biz - What's The Gossip (feat. Section Boyz)
Shortz - Block Jumping
Giggs - Who's Dat
Bossman Birdie - Wristbands (feat. Meridian Dan & Skepta)
Reeko Squeeze - Banter Remix (feat. LD & Dimzy)
Section Boyz - Who Needs A Hook!?
BT - 4 Door Coming (feat. T. Syikes & Rendo)
Grizzy - Wicked Skengman (feat. MDargg)
Jesse James Solomon - Ride Home
Bonkaz - King Mike Skinner
HolyGrail. - Zone 1
Larry Smooth - KnoTheRopes
Lil Kay G5 - Zoning
Vile Greeze - Rolling Round Town (feat. Rhymez)
Gunna Dee - Drake Shit


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FADER Mix: Gully Type