Shape Worship Unearths London’s Underground History On “Zoned”

It’s taken from the U.K. producer’s debut LP, A City Remembrancer, due out this October.

September 08, 2015

Shape Worship is the recording name of London's Ed Gillett, a producer who makes tactile tracks that lend form to unspoken, everyday sensations. "Zoned" is taken from his forthcoming debut album A City Remembrancer and, like the U.K. capital it calls out to, features a myriad perspectives jostling for attention.

"As with all the tracks on the album, when I made 'Zoned' I was thinking about London’s physical spaces and buried histories," Gillett told The FADER, "and the ways in which they interact with the present: clubs carved out of old industrial spaces, layers of Thames sediment being deposited and eroded, economic and social pressures squeezing people from the neighborhoods they know; the city being constantly erased and rewritten."


"With 'Zoned' I was particularly thinking of the Underground: tunnels running alongside Victorian sewers, or Crossrail workers unearthing burial pits from the plague," he continued. "There’s a recording of an evangelical preacher on an overcrowded District Line carriage; the drums are meant to sound rickety, like wheels on rails; I wanted the final section with the interlinking melodies to feel like emerging from a tunnel in an unfamiliar suburb."

A City Remembrancer is due out October 16th (pre-order it here).

Shape Worship Unearths London’s Underground History On “Zoned”