ASHA’s “Chapters” Is A Survivors’ Anthem

The London singer shares a simple, monochrome video for her powerful song about letting go.

September 10, 2015

Croydon-based singer ASHA pulls no punches in exorcising her demons on the straight-talking "Chapters." In her no-bullshit, raspy vocal, she calls out her manipulative ex: you despise me, but you love you're going to have to live without me. "The story [of] this song came from an crazy, abusive relationship I was in," ASHA told The FADER over email. "It was hard to get out of. I was never my own person and had to answer to someone else...I lost myself. But somehow, from somewhere deep inside myself I was able to leave. I needed an outlet and through music I started a new chapter in my life."


Such a direct message calls for a stripped-back but striking visual, and the track's new video (directed by Emma Dalzell) delivers. "Walking through a field may seem simple," ASHA continued, "but it really fit the story down to a tee. I was on a long and repetitive journey, but finally as I reach the top of the hill, with London as my background, I'm free." Watch it above.

ASHA’s “Chapters” Is A Survivors’ Anthem