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Vundabar Get Loose In Doc-Style “Oulala” Video

Relive the Boston boys’ summer tour.

September 10, 2015

Boston's Vundabar spent the better part of summer roaming the country, ostensibly on tour in support of their recently released album Gawk, but it appears they found plenty of time to goof-off along the way. The new video for their song "Oulala," a rush of clattering guitar and sludgy melodies, documents this—the unhinged thrift store stop, pit stops to pick up buckets of cheeseballs, late night dips in the ocean, and parking lot tomfoolery galore. "On every tour there hits a point where enough consecutive hours in a van will induce a cabin feverish sort of mania," the guys told The Fader. "Luckily or unluckily Caitlin McCann had a camera rolling to capture the episodes as they unraveled.” Looks fun!

Vundabar Get Loose In Doc-Style “Oulala” Video