Empress Of’s “Standard” Video Is Mesmerizing As Hell

It will make you want a oiled-up beefcake to brush your hair, too.

September 11, 2015

The high-contrast video for "Standard" is a fittingly dramatic and surreal accompaniment to one of the standout tracks from Empress Of's debut album, Me. The clip rotates between three central images: a close-up of Empress Of hanging upside down (cast in lighting straight out of Suspiria), a wide shot of an oiled-up beefcake bracing her thighs across his shoulders, and the same bulky man brushing her curls with a soft-bristled brush—before she eventually paints his nails. The same way the track's electric layered synths belie the emotional truths of Empress Of's lyrics, the video contains hints of both violence and tenderness, offering a glimpse of intimacy without explanation.

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Empress Of’s “Standard” Video Is Mesmerizing As Hell