The 10 Best Style Instagrams Of The Week

The “how we really feel about fashion”week" edition.

September 11, 2015

Instagram is a vast, vast place. It also happens to provide the best sartorial inspiration you can find, if you know where to look. In her new weekly column, FADER style writer Liz Raiss goes into an Instagram K-hole and comes out with 10 great snaps from the past seven days. This go around, it's storybook hour. Come, sit down, grab a bespoke cocktail with inexplicable garnish and a microscopic hors d'ouevre, and let us tell you how we're feeling, like, three days into NYFW.

1. It all starts out exciting

Tfw you just dropped the most fire album at #nyfw 🔥 @rosie_assoulin

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2. You get to see some really, really dope shit
3. You're enthusiastic and your fit is on point
4. You try out a challenging shade of lipstick and make new friends
5. But then all of a sudden you're seized by the realization you have nothing to wear tomorrow

BINX ! #JACQUEMUS @garage_magazine @binxwalton

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6. Or the day after that

💤🐷👽🍑💤 #tgifbros

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7. And yeah, your accessories are on-point but it's raining

Drink it and you're there every time.

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8. And you just sit down on the floor in front of your mirror like, but I'm tiiiired

Do I have to go?? #nyfw

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9. But then you see your friend's already out, so you gather your courage and get it together
10. And two hours later you're Gwen Stefani having the best night ever

it's fkn friday time 2 turn up and whip dem titties out!!! #FRIDAYVIBES

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The 10 Best Style Instagrams Of The Week