13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

September 14, 2015

1. When Tinashe sings They don't go as hard as I do on her completely intoxicating, Thugger-featuring new single, "Party Favors," she might as well be talking about every other R&B singer making tracks right now. No they don't, sis!

2. Never mind "Music to Watch Girls Go By"; Lana Del Rey flips the script on her sweeping new single, "Music to Watch Boys To."


3. London experimentalist Jam City dreams even bigger with gritty club cut "Dream ’15." It's a dancefloor-leaning compliment to his LP, Dream A Garden.

4. PARTYNEXTDOOR flexes hard on this new and more hardbodied Amir Obé track, "I'm Good." To wit: Questions like, can you get Drake's number? Nope. No way.


5. Try not to feel something when baby-voiced Nicole Dollanganger sings everything is fine in heaven/ but I'll never get to know on her ominous new one, "Angels of Porn (II)." I dare you.

6. A friend recently texted us a crazed wish for a new Young Dro verse, and guess what? He manifested it. 2015 Dro sounds at home next to T.I. and Young Thug, on this hard af cut, "Peanut Butter Jelly," off the King’s latest EP.

7. New music from The Radio Dept. always seems to hit when you need it most. Bright, catchy, rock-leaning "This Repeated Sodomy" is definitely not an exception.


8. Thematically speaking, this is pretty much the opposite of "Cut Her Off." If that song skeezed you out let K. Camp make it up to you with "Comfortable."

9. The marching drums and soaring vocals on Petite Noir's "Freedom" sound like a weird, multi-instrumental, futuristic utopia—and we're down to buy into it.

10. We just watched Craig David riff over Jack Ü, now this quick-stepped gem from Maryland duo abhi//dijon, called "Say Yeah," has solidified garage as fair game in 2016.


11. There's nothing more gratifying than a "WTF" dude—in this case Ramriddlz—dropping an "OMG" record. I'm still not sure what "Run Top" means but goddamn it sounds good.

12. After hearing "B.T.W." once, we've spoken the Layla Hendryx hook to ourselves in the mirror like a mantra every morning: But by the way, I'll do what I want/ and I'll be who I want, I fuck with just who I want to.

13. Chromatics' new single, "Shadow," reminds us of Joy Division's gloomy all-time classic, "Atmosphere"—for some reason. Probably because it's weepy, world-swallowing, and ultimately sorta inspiring.

13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week