Laura Clock’s “Fade” Video Is A Lush Goodbye To Summer

The Rinse FM artist’s dancehall-leaning pop gets a sun-kissed visual.

September 15, 2015

Laura Clock, the Berlin-based electronic pop artist formerly known as Butterclock, returned earlier this year with her Baby - Part One EP on Rinse FM. Inflected with dancehall rhythms and sighing layered vocals, and made with Clock's friend producer Black Cracker, lead single "Fade" is a tune about letting go of the past—a message made all the more clear by the monologue that opens the track's new official video. "At first, I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe," Clock states over the clip's opening frames. "I thought it was going to be like this forever. But you know what? Now, fuck it."


The video—directed by Ben Elliot and Clock herself—then hones in on the song's lush summer vibe, seeing Clock deadpan her way through the verses and choruses from greenhouses full of sweating plants and sun-kissed car rides. "'Fade' was written at the end of a tropical and milky summer," she tells The FADER over email, "memories of listening to a lot of Spanish lullabies and watching Vertigo." She adds that the track is about "saying goodbye to something for good and trying to be in control of yourself, body and mind, getting rid of your demons. We are all trying."

Laura Clock’s “Fade” Video Is A Lush Goodbye To Summer