DREAMTRAK And Amateur Best Play Off Each Other’s Strengths On “Control 2”

A calculated risk pays off for both of electro-pop’s fresh faces.

September 16, 2015

There's something refreshing about hearing a vocalist competing with a beat for the listener's attention instead of just riding an instrumental's melody, and DREAMTRAK's latest single, "Control 2" does exactly that—intentionally so. "I wanted it to sound like his voice was trying to break through the track but just keeps getting sucked back in, and as if the whole song is struggling to maintain a controlled balance," says DREAMTRAK, born Oli Horton. Horton describes the sound as "kinda leaking out of the holes between the beats, everything is falling apart but just a little bit."

Luckily, the struggle between these two artists only comes through in the music. Rather, both marveled at how fluidly the collaboration came about. Electro-pop savant and admirer of German expressionism Amateur Best says that the song came together in "around an hour or so—very quickly!" before adding that it was "just a pleasure to concentrate on being the singer for a bit." The result is a "simple song about the pleasures of losing and taking and relinquishing control." Not too bad for an hour's work.


As for the obvious question: DREAMTRAK says he has an as-yet unreleased song, also called "Control" that we should be hearing soon. His debut self-titled EP is out 9th October on Double Denim (preorder here). Amateur Best's The Gleaners is out October 2nd on Brille Records.

DREAMTRAK And Amateur Best Play Off Each Other’s Strengths On “Control 2”