Watch London Band The Big Moon’s Weird, Messy New Video

An anti-party video for their anti-party anthem, “The Road.”

September 16, 2015

Ever get that feeling at a party like there's walls between you and the other people in the room? London-based four-piece The Big Moon nail that sense of bored, anxious detachment with deadpan brilliance in their video for "The Road": a track that gives you a withering stare as it asks over scrappy guitar chords, tell me why you came / 'cause I don't know why. Hit play above to join Juliette Jackson, Soph Nathan, Celia Archer, and Fern Ford as they pop balloons, wrap up in duvets, smash various foods to pieces, and generally throw the weirdest party we're desperate to get an invite to.


"We loved making this video. It was super DIY and on a really low budget," The Big Moon told The FADER in a statement. "We went to the local hardware store and got a load of MDF and some celtic green paint, then spent a week designing and building all these little booths—sawing, screwing, drilling, painting, swearing, drinking, dribbling, etc. It involved a lot of splinters, a lot of birthday cake, and a lot of love, and thank goodness for our dear, creative, talented, and generous friends Archie Sinclair and John Fitzpatrick, without whom we would have turned to jelly. Also RIP Nicky Byrne, the goldfish, who ate himself to death two weeks ago.”

"The Road" is available on iTunes now; Handsome Dad Records will also release it as a 7" on October 30.

Watch London Band The Big Moon’s Weird, Messy New Video