These Heady Erotic Novels Are Essential Reading For Fall

Watch a teaser for three new entries in Badlands Unlimited’s New Lovers series.

September 17, 2015
Micaela Durand / via Badlands Unlimited

Earlier this year, publishing imprint Badlands Unlimited, unleashed the first three novels in its erotica series, New Lovers. In an effort to revive the literary form Anais Nin spun into art—an evolution that terrible writing on websites like has slowly undone—Badlands Unlimited published submissions from three authors new to the genre: Wednesday Black, Lilith Wes, Andrea McGinty. Their fresh takes garnered acclaim from the mainstream literary world as well as art circles; the Paris Review dubbed the books "colorfully hot reads for the thinking pervert," and the book launch was held at the Guggenheim.


The next three novels in New Lovers are set to launch this weekend at Printed Matter's jam-packed New York Art Book Fair. The three new titles are: My Wet Hot Drone Summer, I Would Do Anything For Love, and Burning Blue, and their authors will be doing readings and signings on Saturday, September 19 at 2pm in the classroom MoMA Ps1. In addition to the three novels, Badlands Unlimited has produced a four-minute teaser video, debuting above, which puts their first Badlands/New Lovers merchandise on display.

These Heady Erotic Novels Are Essential Reading For Fall