London Band Pumarosa Share “Priestess,” A Song For Dancers

The five-piece’s debut single is a seven minute epic you can’t help but move to.

September 17, 2015

I know you, a lone voice announces in the spacious opening seconds of the debut single from London five-piece Pumarosa. It's a supremely confident, stare-you-dead-in-the-eyes opening, and it only escalates from there. The patient verse eventually breaks open into a guitar lick-fuelled chorus of you dance, you dance, you dance, and before you know it you're lost in seven and a half minutes of semi-Balearic bliss.

"'Priestess' is about my sister, Fernanda," lead singer Isabel explained in an email to The FADER. "She is a dancer and we have gone out into the night dancing since we were 14. Now she is a professional contemporary choreographer and life can be hard—surviving in London, keeping the flame burning. But she does, and when I see her move it is the most beautiful thing...I think dancing is a powerful thing for anybody to do. It's not earning anyone money, you can do it anywhere, it can feel so good. It can be a protest, it can be a celebration, you can lose yourself." Which is exactly what you should do to this track. Listen below, and buy it today via Chess Club in the U.K. and Mermaid Avenue. in the U.S.

London Band Pumarosa Share “Priestess,” A Song For Dancers