Chief Keef’s Hologram Performance Was Cancelled Again

However, the show might still go on.

September 18, 2015

To celebrate the release of the double album version of Bang 3 Chief Keef was scheduled to perform at L.A's Fonda theater tonight with a hologram performance of the rapper in the theater's parking lot to follow. According to a statement given to Billboard, one of Keef's producers was allegedly hurt during a prep meeting for the concert and, as a result, the theater decided to cancel the show.

"AEG and the Fonda Theater have continued the shameful cycle of blaming hip-hop and the artistic expression of urban youth for their own corporate malfeasance," said Alki David, who owns FilmOn and Hologram USA, the companies behind this and a number of other hologram performances slated to take place in the coming months.


A representative from the Fonda Theater told Billboard that "we strongly dispute the allegations made by Chief Keef’s associates of the events leading to the legal cancelation of his show. After a walk through at the venue with Chief Keef’s production team, based on strong concerns for the safety of our employees and the public, we exercised our contractual right and canceled the show. Subsequently, they filed a police report and, therefore no further comment can be made."

It looks like the show might still be happening in an adjacent lot owned by Alki David. If it happens, you can stream the concert here.

Chief Keef’s Hologram Performance Was Cancelled Again