Danny Seth Shares Free Album, Perception

The London rapper shakes off the pre- and misconceptions that haunt him.

September 18, 2015

Out to make a splash in his adopted homeland, London-born, L.A.-based rapper Danny Seth has shared a free album, Perception, that he hopes will squash the pre- and misconceptions that haunt him. The expansive 17-track project opens on an ecclesiastical note, with Seth recalling his big-eyed arrival in the U.S., quipping about coming from a home with no supporters, and proclaiming: I ain't talkin' football when I say I'm kicking off. From there, he attempts to stake out a place for himself in the fertile American hip-hop landscape.

"The word 'perception' has so much depth and meaning to it, especially when it comes to my story and the album," Seth explained upon delivering the album to The FADER. "I always felt like even before people listen to my music they will always have a preconceived perception of me. I'm white, Jewish and from London, trying to take on the U.S. hip-hop scene. So the whole ideology of the tape is, leave your thoughts and notions behind and let my music change your perception, because when you close your eyes your ears open up."


Read the rest of Danny's statement below, then close your eyes and hit play on Perception.

Danny Seth: Here is the album, which is bounced as one track so you can really hear the transitions and scoring that has gone into the album. I have spent three years creating this album, I call it an album even though its free because I want it to be treated like one. The whole story of the album starts off by how my own hometown didn't accept what I was doing. Being white, jewish and from London, trying to make U.S. hip-hop, I never let anyone tell me I couldn't make the music I always loved, so I kept going, and realized people were listening.

I didn't do a visual in three years because I wanted people to listen to what I have to say and not judge me for what I look like. This is why I chose the title Perception. This word has such a deep meaning in so many ways. some may take one listen to the album and pass it on, others will look deep and see the hidden messages i have hidden in there, or some will even make up their own. Everything is about how you, the listener, perceives it. I cannot tell you what to think of it, that is up to you.

"You may or may not notice the track-listing makes 3 sentences. It is really how deep you choose to look into the art, the tracklisting, and even the songs themselves. Listen to the album as the one track bounce that I created it as and really submerge yourself in it, and listen to the story.

Danny Seth Shares Free Album, Perception