Justin Bieber Dishes On Gun Control And Working With Kanye West In New Interview

He also reveals his top five MCs to Clique.

September 18, 2015


The French site Clique, which released its incredible interview with Young Thug yesterday, dropped a one-on-one video with Justin Bieber this afternoon. The far-ranging interview lasts for about 14 minutes and a sincere Bieber talks about collaborating with Kanye West, the public's perception of him, and whether he prefers Drake or Meek Mill. Bieber tells interviewer Mouloud Achour that if he were president of the U.S., the first thing he would do would be to fix America's gun laws.

He also names his top five MCs list, which includes Mase, and then Bieber drops a few bars of "Feel So Good." Here are some highlights below, but watch the full interview above to not miss a minute of classic Bieber.


On working and learning from Kanye West:

"We did some stuff for the album, I don’t know if it’s going to make the album. Really cool, really New York vibe."


"Kanye’s a talker. You get him in a room and he starts talking and ranting, I just sit and I listen. He’s been through a lot of stuff and he’s not just talking to talk, he has something to say from his heart. I just sit and listen because he’s really smart."

On what he would do first as President:

"I’d probably fix some of the gun laws. In Canada we don’t really have any guns and there’s no gun violence. That really solves it, that’s for protection but it always ends up in some bozo's hand."


On the Drake and Meek Mill beef:

"I like them both. Do I think Drake’s a better rapper? Yes. But I’m not going to choose between them."

On his top five MCs:

"Tupac, Mase, Nas, Biggie, Eminem. Eminem is first."

On his changing image:

"I think they [the world] put more responsibility for my image and what I was representing. When you tell people you’re going to represent "believe" and "hope," and you go off not doing that, they get mixed messages. If i would’ve came out smoking weed, that would have been my image, but it wasn’t. So people got confused. Now my image is— I just want people to see me as a normal dude. I come in here with my hoodie because I’m comfortable and just chilling and not trying too hard. I just want to have a good time. I’m normal."

On what it was like for Bieber to get his first big check:

"When I got my first check I just felt the security to take care of my mom."

On feeling lonely

"People would never guess that we would feel lonely, a lot of it is really surfacey there’s no depth…People weren’t what they needed to be. Now I’m surrounded by really cool people who are really for me and who I can connect with and I’m probably in the best place I’ve been in my life."

On skate culture:

"It made me not care about the fame. Diving into that culture, they didn’t give a fuck. I could basically go in these environments and I could skate and they wouldn’t be looking at me. I’d do a trick and they’d be like that was dope and they’d dap me up."

Justin Bieber Dishes On Gun Control And Working With Kanye West In New Interview